Intelligence is vital to decision making in New Zealand Police and touches every part of what we do.

Intelligence staff across the country provide timely, accurate and relevant insight and foresight to enhance our tactical, operational, and strategic decision making.

The National Intelligence Operating Model 2021 establishes a clear way ahead for Intelligence within New Zealand Police. It offers a coherent overview of how Prevention, Intelligence and Evidence-based Policing combine to support our mission of preventing crime and harm.

Our National Intelligence Centre provides leadership and support and ensures consistency in our processes, products, and staffing across the wider Intelligence function.

Through the many documents it produces for frontline audiences, Intelligence is influential in shaping decision maker thinking from the frontline through to the Police Executive.

National Intelligence Centre (NIC)

The National Intelligence Centre (NIC) provides intelligence leadership and support to all of Police, and ensures national consistency in the processes, products and staffing of intelligence.

It is made up of five workgroups:

It also hosts two functions:


Intelligence Collections

The Intelligence Collections group provides leadership across New Zealand Police on the strategic direction of intelligence collections practice and tradecraft working across the NIC, Police National Headquarters, Police Districts across the country, and internal and external partners to ensure the efficient exchange of information and intelligence. They look for opportunities to operationalise that information and intelligence and share best practice.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Team

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is information collected from publicly available online sources and used for intelligence purposes. OSINT can include any information that is not protected against public disclosure.

Analytics & Intelligence Operations

The Analytics and Intelligence Operations group provides the analytical engine room for the NIC, bringing together intelligence professionals to develop and produce intelligence products to help with decision marking across the organisation.

High-Risk Targeting Team

The High-Risk Targeting Team group brings together specialist analytical capability in the areas of national security intelligence, domestic activism, and acutely disaffected persons, and leads and oversees the Child Sex Offender Registry ensuring it meets strategic outcomes and is coordinated across relevant agencies.

Security Intelligence and Threats (SITG)

The NIC Security Intelligence and Threats Group (SITG) provides intelligence products and support in relation to national security operations and domestic activism.