Gang Harm Insights Centre

The Gang Harm Insights Centre (GHIC) is a multi-agency team focused on actively partnering to deliver holistic, actionable, and timely insights, enabling agencies to empower communities in making a difference to gang-related harm. Highlighting the voices and experiences of our gang communities strengthens our understanding of the harm occurring by, to, and within the community and ensures agencies can support and enable gang communities to implement and create lasting positive outcomes for whānau.

The GHIC also maintains New Zealand’s first consolidated National Gang List (NGL). Gang membership information is collected for the purpose of maintaining oversight of the gang environment, to enhance our understanding of the scale of social harm caused by, to and within the gang environment, and to support the identification of prevention and intervention opportunities.

The NGL is continually being improved however it is an intelligence tool that needs to be utilised in conjunction with other qualitative and quantitative information. It is one tool amongst a range of other sources enabling GHIC agencies to understand gang-related harm.

The GHIC is working to ensure continual improvement of the mechanisms in place for understanding gang-related harm. This closely aligns with the Government’s strategic work programme to address the harms associated with organised crime.

Key responsibilities

  • Producing multi-agency intelligence products addressing harm caused by, to and within the NZAG environment nationally, identifying socially focussed prevention and intervention opportunities.
  • Managing, verifying, and updating the National Gang List (NGL).
  • Maintaining international and national requests for information on NZAG from and for all partner agencies.
  • Working in partnership with the 12* partner and participating agencies who have signed an Approved Information Sharing Agreement (AISA) developed to facilitate seamless information sharing.

*Agencies involved