Online child safety

The Internet is an important source of knowledge, a research tool and a means of social interaction for children, but it can also expose them to dangers and inappropriate material. That’s why it is important to know how to keep your children safe online.

Some things you can do to help your children stay safe online include:

  • install software on your computer which either blocks restricted content so your children cannot access certain sites, or monitors activity so that you can review online behaviour
  • know who your children are making contact with online. If they are not your children’s actual friends then question their cyber friendship
  • know which social networking sites your child is on and what information they are posting
  • check that your children understand the dangers of posting personal information on social networking sites
  • do not allow your children to use the computer in private areas of your home
  • if you or your child becomes suspicious about a person online, stop contact immediately.


Netsafe promotes confident and responsible use of the Internet and electronic devices. It has plenty of advice on staying safe online with specific information and advice for parents, and for young people. For more information visit the NetSafe website.

Online child exploitation

The Online Child Exploitation Across New Zealand (OCEANZ) team is a specialist Police unit. It works as part of an international taskforce, the Virtual Global Taskforce, to protect children from online child abuse.


  • coordinates international investigations into online paedophile networks
  • identifies child sexual offenders by monitoring social network websites
  • targets New Zealand child exploitation sites, including those producing images and abuse for financial gain, in an effort to identify and rescue victims.
  • gathers intelligence for sharing with District-based child exploitation squads, the Department of Internal Affairs, Customs and international partners.

Online child exploitation is a crime. New Zealand Police have multiple ways in which reports of this serious offending can be received. In an emergency, call 111. Alternatively, you can call 105 or complete a report online.

More information -

  • see the Personal and Community Advice section of this website for tips on Child Safety
  • the Department of Internal Affairs investigates the possession of, and trading in, child exploitation material. For more information visit the  Department of Internal Affairs website Child safety online.
  • Raise your awareness of cyber security and ways to protect yourself online with information from the CERT website.
  • read the Staying safe online guides from Netsafe.
  • visit ThinkUKnow, Australia's crime prevention program. ThinkUKnow has a site in Australia and in the UK.