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History of Police serving school communities

New Zealand Police has been formally involved with schools since the 1930s. How this involvement has grown and developed over time is outlined below.


School traffic. The first structured connection with schools was based on assisting students to get to and from school safely. 


Draft Syllabus for School Talks was produced as a guide for Police officers conducting class talks in schools.


The first Police Curriculum Development Officer was employed.


Police officers who provide school talks begin getting trained.


The Law Related Education Programme (LREP) was created. Police began writing education programmes for schools such as Play a Part in Crime Prevention and Keeping Ourselves Safe.


School road safety education was added to LREP as a result of a merger between Police and the Ministry of Transport.


The Youth Education Service (YES) was created and produced a wide range of programmes on crime preventions and road safety.


A review of YES programmes recommended a whole-school approach.

Read the Youth Education Service Programme Review


YES ceased.

Police instituted a new operating model that added school-wide intervention with a few schools and ensuring all schools have a relationship with the Police based on information sharing.


Police initiated a Police–school engagement model to focus on:

  • crime prevention
  • prevention of road trauma
  • regular liaison with lead school contact and school leaders to agree on response protocols and procedures and prevention activities.