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Purpose and structure


The School Portal is a place where school staff, parents, students and Police can find out how to work together to achieve our respective educational and safety goals.


The School Portal is structured under five sections:

About the Portal

Here you'll find out about the purpose and structure of the Portal, and the history of Police working with school communities.

Get involved

Here you'll find ways people may get involved with safety at their school.

Information and guidelines

Here you'll find information for all members of the school community on:

School stories

Here you'll find a place to publish stories about schools and Police working together to ensure students take action to be safe and feel safe. 


Here you'll find educational programmes, resources and learning activities that inspire students to take action and to be safe. These are sorted under five themes:  

Successful relationships
Assisting students to develop and sustain successful relationships.  Includes Keeping Ourselves Safe, Kia Kaha and Loves-Me-Not.

Travelling safely
Assisting students to keep safe when they're out and about on New Zealand's transport networks (road, rail and paths).  Includes Road Safe and Rail Safe.

Responsible citizens
Assisting students to protect their personal possessions and respect the possessions of others. Includes Burglary Free, Doing the Right Thing, Tag Free, and Safer Schools.

Healthy body, healthy mind
Assisting students to respect their body and mind, understand the negative impact that behaviour-altering substances have on individuals, whānau and the community, and to be able to resist and encourage others to resist the abuse of behaviour-altering substances.  Includes Choice.

Living in a safe community
Assisting students to connect with caring people and caring organisations that contribute to a safe and connected community. Students have a role to play in contributing to the creation of safer communities.  Includes Role of the Police, and links to other helping agencies.


If you have suggestions to improve the School Portal or to add relevant information, please send us an email.

History of Police services

Read about the history of services that the Police have supported schools with over many decades.