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Road Safe: Information for school and community

The Road Safe series of resources includes learning activities across all year levels of New Zealand schools. The aim of the Road Safe resources is to ensure that students develop the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to keep themselves and others safe on or near the road.

Teaching road safety should follow the Police road safety education guidelines.

When selecting the most appropriate road safety education for your school, consult the consult the NZTA road safety education guidelines for advice.


Road trauma, like many other community problems, cannot be solved by individuals or organisations working alone. A partnership approach is likely to be most effective in reducing the incidence and effects of road trauma in communities. This approach would involve people sharing their information, resources, skills, ideas and time. For this initiative, three key partners have been identified.

The school is often a focal point for the community. This is a place where people can gather to discuss issues, get information, make decisions and be supported as they take action. It is logical, therefore, that the school should take a leading role in focusing community attention on reducing road trauma.

The New Zealand Police can provide schools with ideas and materials, and can provide staff, particularly School Community Officers and community constables, to assist.

Local government through school travel planners can support schools and their communities and provide advice and information.

Background information

This part of the website also includes a number of sections giving various kinds of background information:

Resources for parents/caregivers

Road safety booklets for parents/whānau