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Road safety

New Zealand Police and its partner agency NZTA aim that children and young people are safe as pedestrians, passengers, cyclists, or drivers.



The following Road Safe  resources support students to learn and apply a range of safe practices they can use when acting as a pedestrian, passenger, cyclist, or driver.

These resources include:


School-wide interventions

To address issues regarding road safety more deeply, schools could implement a school-wide intervention in partnership with Police. 

Intervention plans

Sample intervention plan regarding road safety to use as a guide to develop your own school-wide interventions: 

Intervention narratives

Narratives (or case-studies) of completed interventions to do with road safety: 


School Traffic Safety Teams

As an important part of the community, your school has a vital role in helping your students to stay safe – and that includes on their journeys to and from school.Having a School Traffic Safety Team goes a long way to achieving this.

Run by responsible volunteer students and supervised by adults, a School Traffic Safety Team provides an invaluable service for school children crossing roads near your school and taking the school bus. It’s a significant responsibility that requires an equally significant commitment, but it pays enormous dividends for the school children, their parents and caregivers and the community as a whole.

The School Traffic Safety Team Manual can be downloaded from the NZTA Education Portal:


Road safety guidelines

Guidelines to assist schools to plan their road safety education programmes and to develop road safety policies and practices:


Partner resources

  • NZTA Education Portal - the NZ Transport Agency has created this road and rail safety website for teachers to use each year as part of their local school curriculum.  This website provides curriculum content and supporting information to generate positive and informed behaviour change.
  • Bryan and Bobby - this well-loved duo have a road safety video on their website (scroll down to 'Traffic').
  • BikeReady - BikeReady helps teachers to support student learning in two ways: easy access to bike skills training by professional instructors; and curriculum resources in the classroom. Teachers and students can explore well-being (hauora), empathy, the transport system and active citizenship. BikeReady aligns with the New Zealand Curriculum, physical activity guidelines and the National Administration Guidelines.