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Rail Safe (for years 7-8)

The Rail Safe resources provide learning activities to empower students to move safely and responsibly around trains and rail tracks.

What students will learn

These year 7-8 resources will help students to learn to:

  • identify characteristics of trains and explain how they differ from motor vehicles
  • explain why you need to take care near trains
  • explain why it is illegal to be in the rail corridor and the consequences of this
  • identify legal crossing places
  • explain why they should use Stop, Look and Listen before they cross the tracks
  • cross the tracks using Stop, Look and Listen.
  • explain the possible consequences of unsafe behaviour around trains
  • make a difference to the safety of their school community.

Three focus areas

Learning activities are arranged in three focus areas.

Focus area 1: About trains

Students learn how most people look out for trains and take care around them.

Focus area 2: About tracks

Students learn how to take care around the rail corridor.



Focus area 3: About us

Students learn what action they can take to make a difference to the rail safety of our school community.