Theft prevention advice for businesses

There are many ways you can prevent crime affecting your business.

Police have worked with Greater East Tamaki Business Assn (GETBA) to provide simple, effective crime prevention techniques through a series of short video clips.

You can watch Police officers demonstrate easy crime prevention techniques in English or Mandarin (Chinese) on the GETBA website.


  • Trespassing is entering someone’s private property or place of work without permission.
  • Trespassing is a crime.
  • If someone is trespassing, they can be asked to leave or they can be given a trespass notice.
  • Anyone can be given a trespass notice, including children. For example, if someone has stolen something from a shop, the shop owner can give that person a trespass notice.
  • The trespass notice is a formal request to stay away from the property.
  • If a person ignores the trespass notice and tries to come onto the property, then police can be called to come and remove the person.
  • Police can arrest someone for trespassing.
  • A person can be fined up to $1000 or sent to prison for up to three months for trespassing.
  • A trespass notice can prevent someone from going onto the property for as long as two years.