What do I do if there is an attack?

What do I do if there is an attack?

Escape - Move quickly and quietly away from danger, but only if it is safe to do so.
Hide - Stay out of sight and silence your mobile phone.
Tell - Call the police by calling 111 when safe.

All situations are different. You will need to make quick decisions during an attack and be prepared to change your plan. Remembering ESCAPE. HIDE. TELL. will help you decide what to do. For more detail check out the know what to do page.


All New Zealanders are responsible for helping to detect and prevent attacks in crowded places. Everyone who works in, or uses, a crowded place should be aware of their surroundings and report suspicious or unusual behaviour to authorities.

In an emergency everyone should call 111

If the information is not time-critical, people can report suspicious or unusual behaviour by:

To report information of security concern, call the NZSIS on 0800 747 224  or use their Public Contribution Form.