Missing persons advice and support

Support and advice for missing persons as well as their friends and family. Includes information on what you can do to help, the risks of suicide, what to do if a dementia sufferer goes missing and working with the media.

Missing persons – an introduction

An introduction to why some people go missing, how this affects friends and family and how you can give and receive help. … More

If you are a missing person

If you know you have been reported missing, contact Police or family so they can stop searching. If you are aged 17 or older Police cannot tell anyone where you are without your consent. … More

Missing persons – how you can help

This page explains some of the things you can do to help in the search for a missing person, and what you can do on behalf of someone while they are missing. … More

Missing persons – useful websites

A list of website links to organisations that provide information and support for people who having missing family or friends. … More

Dementia, wandering and missing persons

Outlines what to do if a dementia sufferer goes missing. Also explains what dementia is, how it affects behaviour and how tracking devices are used. … More

Missing persons – working with the media

This page provides you with advice on talking to the media about a missing person case, and emphasises cooperation between family and Police case officers. … More