Sunday, 9 January 2011 - 5:09pm |
National News

Preparation continues for sealing work at Pike River mine

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Good weather has enabled work to continue over the weekend at Pike River coal mine in preparation for an attempt at sealing surface cracks around the Slimline.

However, Operation Commander, Superintendent Gary Knowles said preparations have been interrupted on both days when dramatically rising gas readings created an unsafe work environment and forced the evacuation of staff on the hillside.

The GAG has been shut down for scheduled maintenance since Saturday. It completed a successful test run this afternoon and is expected to be operational by 3am on Monday.

Sealing work can not start until the GAG is operating and maintaining a stable environment.

"The safety of the people working on the hill is paramount and until we have a clear picture that the environment is stable we cannot begin the sealing work," Superintendent Knowles said.