Using 111 TXT

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Find out how to use 111 TXT

Using 111 TXT

What is an emergency? Find out more about what is an emergency?

What should you TXT to 111 if you have an emergency?

Give clear information. Try to use language hearing people will understand.

  • Where are youWhere you are (your location). Very important
  • what is happeningWhats happening.
  • How long agoHow long ago it happened.

Sometimes there are delays on the phone network. If Police don't text you back in 2 minutes, contact 111 another way.

Using 111 TXT


If you need police, they might ask questions.

For example, what a burglar was wearing, what sort of car they had, where they went.

Hearing people get asked too.

It won't delay Police arriving. They'll be on their way while another Police person asks you questions.


Do what Police tell you to do.

They might say "stay where you are".

That's to keep you safe.

Or maybe they want to find out more about what you saw.

When to stop TXTing

Police will tell you when to stop TXTing.

TXT again if anything changes or gets worse.

Or if the fire engine, ambulance or police car hasn't arrived when you expected it.

You must register

Remember – if you haven't registered, your 111 TXT won't get through.