Video – What is an emergency?
Find out when you should TXT 111



Emergencies are stressful. Knowing when to contact 111 and why you will be asked a lot of questions will help you feel more confident if you ever have to deal with one.

What is an emergency?

It’s when something serious has happened and you need Police, Fire or Ambulance right now.

When hearing people call 111, they’re asked if they want Fire, Ambulance or Police?

Now it’s the same for deaf and hearing impaired people who have registered (put their name down) for TXT 111.

It’s important you TXT 111 only in an emergency.

If you use it for something that’s not urgent, other people who need help urgently could miss out.


Sometimes there are delays on the phone network. If Police don't text you back in 2 minutes, contact 111 another way.