Using 111 TXT – questions and answers

Video – Using 111 TXT (Questions and answers)
Common questions and answers about using 111 TXT

Using 111 TXT – questions and answers

Common questions and answers about using 111 TXT.

What is Emergency Caller Location Information (ECLI)?

If you text 111 from a smartphone running an Android operating system and the phone number was used to register for the 111 TXT service, then Emergency Services may be provided with the best available Emergency Caller Location Information (ECLI) from that handset.

To access more detailed information about ECLI please refer to the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment website.

If an emergency happens in a remote area and a helicopter is needed, can I text 111?

Yes. Police will pass on the details to the ambulance, who can organise a helicopter if needed.

My English isn't very good. Will they understand me when I text?

Yes, they will understand you.

How many times should I text backwards and forwards?

Police will tell you when we've got enough information and you can stop texting. But, if the situation changes or gets worse, text again.

What if I'm stressing out?

Try and stay calm. The most important information to text is where you are, so do that first. If we know where you are, we can help you.

What if there's an emergency and there's no reception where I am?

It's the same for hearing people. You can move to a different spot until you find a place where you can get reception.

If something happens to me, can someone else text from my mobile phone for me?

Yes, if the person is deaf they can text 111. But if the person is hearing, it's better they call 111 as it's quicker.

What if I don't know where I am?

Look for a landmark like a church, park or bridge. If you're driving, give the name of the town you last went through and say how long ago that was. Say where you're heading. If you can see any road signs, street names or intersections, give those.

Do I have to provide details of the emergency location in the initial text message (SMS)?

Yes. The Emergency Caller Location Information (ECLI) service is not designed to replace the standard process of verifying the emergency event location. In some circumstances it enhances this process by providing supplementary information.

If I am travelling in NZ and an emergency happens, can I text 111?

Yes, this service is available throughout New Zealand (every where there is cellphone coverage). But it's really important your first text says where you are.

When I'm texting 111, do I need to tell you I'm deaf?

No. Because you have registered, the Police know you are deaf or hearing impaired.

Will Police ever initiate a text message (SMS) to registered users of the 111 TXT service?

Yes. At times Police may initiated a text message (SMS) to inform registered users of the 111 TXT service of an emergency situation or for other administrative reasons connected to the registration system.

Police will endeavour to sign any TXT’s initiated by us as 'from NZ Police'.