Pay by internet banking

How to pay

Log onto your bank website and search for Police Infringement Bureau or Safety Infringements in the payees list. Use the notice number as the Particular, the vehicle registration as the Code and the Drivers Licence as the Reference.

Need help?

For any assistance contact your bank. They will help you to set up or update changes when paying by internet banking.

Get started

Go to your bank’s website to pay by internet banking:


  • Carefully check the notice number you provide matches the notice you intend to pay so that your payment is made to the correct notice. If a notice is not paid, it is filed in court with the Ministry of Justice and a court cost is added to the fee.
  • Police Infringement Bureau is set up as a payee with the banks listed. They have our bank account details so you don't need them. Select Police Infringement Bureau from the payees list or contact your bank for assistance.
  • New Zealand bank accounts only.
  • Select another option for paying if your bank is not listed