Frequently asked questions


From time to time Police become aware that people are receiving emails which appear to be from NZ Police to advise them they have been issued an infringement notice.

Police do not send infringement notices via email. Instead, they are processed electronically via the officer’s mobility device and sent by post to the person’s address.

This is a timely reminder to members of the community to verify the origin of all requests for money before paying, even if they appear to be a reputed company or government agency.

If you have received an infringement and have a query please click on the 'Contact details' tab and submit your enquiry.


How to read or understand an infringement notice

Each infringement notice has a unique notice number. You must use it when paying the fee and in all communication about your notice. When you receive an infringement notice, there are a few sections to note as shown below.

An infringement notice number starts with one or two letters and is followed by seven numbers sometimes starting with zero.

View the guide in PDF (863KB)
Police Infringement Notice Guide


What is the account number to use for paying my infringement notice/ticket online?

Log onto your bank website and search for Police Infringement Bureau or Safety Infringements.

Alternatively make a one-off payment using these account details (New Zealand bank accounts only):

Account Name: Police Infringement Bureau
Account Number: 03-0049-0000802-27
The following references must be included to show on the payee’s statement:

Particulars: Notice number
Code: Vehicle registration number
Reference: Driver licence number (optional)


Can I pay my infringement notice by part payment?

Police is unable to accept payment of infringement fees by way of instalments or deferred payments. If the fee is not paid in full by the due date, it will be passed to the Ministry of Justice for fines enforcement.


My internet banking/credit card payment was refunded, why?

There are several factors as to why your payment may have been refunded, these include incorrect reference information, double payment or part payment. If you are still unsure, please contact the accounts team on, call Police Infringement Bureau or complete the accounts enquiry online form.


My credit card transaction was declined but I was still charged, did my payment go through?

It may be that the payments show as on 'hold' on your credit card, but they should disappear or be reversed within five working days of the attempted payment.

If the payments are still showing in your account after five days, please forward a credit card statement to so we can follow up with Westpac Bank.


I have paid Police but I should have paid Ministry of Justice. What happens now?

For the payment to be transferred to the Ministry of Justice, a request must be submitted in writing with proof of payment to the Police Infringement Bureau by the person who made the payment. Please email or complete the accounts enquiry online form.


Can I still transfer liability after paying an infringement fee/notice?

The transfer of an infringement notice to the driver or person/company in possession of the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence should be completed prior to the payment of the infringement notice.


Can I pay my infringement notice over the phone or at my local police station?

Police are unable to accept payment of an infringement notice over the phone or at a local Police station.
For details on how to pay - Pay a Police infringement fee in New Zealand or Pay a Police infringement fee from overseas.


How long do I have to pay my infringement notice and what happens if I don't pay?

Infringement fees are payable within 28 days from the issue of the original notice. Once this period has expired a reminder notice will be issued; giving you a further 28 days to finalise the matter with Police.

If unpaid by the final due date; the matter will be transferred to the fines collection unit of the Ministry of Justice.


I have lost/missing my infringement notice. How do I pay?

To obtain your notice number either phone the Police Infringement Bureau, complete the online lost or missing notice form or download the lost/missing notice form (PDF, 68KB) and post it to the Police Infringement Bureau, PO Box 9147, Wellington 6141.


I want to give an explanation about my infringement notice. Can I give it over the phone?

Police cannot accept an explanation over the phone. All explanations must be in writing. Write to the Police Infringement Bureau.


How do I pay a ticket/infringement fee?

See Pay a Police infringement fee in New Zealand or Pay a Police infringement fee from overseas.


I have already paid my infringement notice but I received a reminder notice. What do I do?

To check your payment, please email or complete the accounts enquiry online form.