Protect your business

There are many ways you can prevent crime affecting your business by using simple, effective crime prevention techniques such as safe cash handling techniques and focusing on your shop layout.

Shop displays and layout for crime prevention

  • If possible, install physical barriers to deter ram raids such as bollards and metal window screens
  • Keep your front window clear of posters etc
  • Position the cash register near the entry and greet every customer when they walk in
  • Position shelving in one direction so you have a clear view down each aisle
  • Use large mirrors to see every part of your store
  • Display smaller merchandise closer to the cash register counter, not at the back of the shop.

Business safety clips

Police have worked with Greater East Tamaki Business Association (GETBA) to provide simple, effective crime prevention techniques through a series of short video clips. 

You can watch Police officers demonstrate the techniques above, and other easy crime prevention techniques in English or Mandarin Chinese, on the GETBA website.

Commercial Crime Prevention Checklist

Complete this quick Commercial Crime Prevention Checklist to receive crime prevention tips that specifically relate to you and your property – it should only take a couple of minutes and could save you a lot of time and money.

Complete our Crime Prevention Checklist

Handling cash safely

  • Vary the banking time each day
  • Don't carry cash in a bag that has a bank logo
  • Use adult staff to do the banking (preferably go in pairs)
  • If driving, lock the vehicle doors and use different routes each day
  • If walking to the bank, take the most direct route
  • Carry a mobile phone and be alert of other people and vehicles

How Police is helping businesses

For more information on how Police is helping businesses, and to access retail crime prevention advice and tools, please go to the Retail Crime Prevention Hub on the Police website.