Victim contact form

Victim contact form


Complete this form with your contact details if your retail business has been the victim of a ram raid burglary or aggravated robbery since 1 November 2021.

Prevention Resources

Retail Crime Prevention checklist

The Retail Crime Prevention checklist has been developed to help you think about all aspects of security for your store and suggest changes you could make to reduce risk of retail crime. Work through the checklist to see how secure your store is.

When you complete the checklist, you will receive an email with crime prevention advice to make your business safer for you, your staff, and your customers.

Complete our Retail Crime Prevention checklist

Preventing ram raids

For retailers, prevention is still the best defence against ram raids.

Police continue to investigate retail crime including ram raids and will hold offenders accountable, however ram raid prevention is not something Police can solve on its own.

We encourage retailers to discourage ram raids by installing steel bollards or other protective structures to act as a physical barrier and visual deterrents. We recommend making the investment to install the right protective equipment for your business.

Retail NZ has a list of crime prevention suppliers.

Education videos

7 ways to prevent retail crime (English)

7 ways to prevent retail crime (Chinese)

Webinar from Retail NZ and NZ Police on retail crime prevention advice

Shop robbery prevention and what you should to do in a robbery


Top Tip
Install a range of complementary prevention measures and use posters to advertise prevention measures to deter offenders.

Crime prevention posters

Click on any of the below images to download a poster you can print.

You can also order posters from Retail NZ.

Crime prevention advice


Useful partner resources

Retail NZ logo

Retail NZ has a range of resources available to support retailers at the Retail Crime Hub.

There is a range of FREE resources available, from guides, advice, webinars, e-Learning, and supplier recommendations to support retailers dealing with retail crime, you don’t have to be a member to access many of these resources.


Auror is a Retail Crime Intelligence Platform that has been developed to help retailers report, solve, and prevent crime. It enables this through a user-friendly interface which encourages more crime to be reported in a structured way. Retailers choose to share this information with NZ Police.

Auror is an important tool that assists Police in working closer with businesses and the community to prevent and solve crime.

Over the course of recent years working together, Police have utilised Auror to help affect arrests, add invaluable information to serious crime cases, and work closer with the retail community.

The Auror platform gives Police a range of information, including:

  • intelligence on people and vehicles provided by businesses;
  • digital access to evidence, including CCTV video files;
  • electronic reporting of incidents through to the Crime Reporting Line;
  • tools to communicate directly with the retail community, including CCTV retrieval, person alerts, and comments; and
  • vehicle search capability.