Retail Crime Prevention Programme

Police staff walking down the street

The Retail Crime Prevention Programme has been funded by the Government to be managed by Police.

This prevention programme is intended to deliver protective equipment, and additional prevention advice for retailers, to reduce the risk of harm for the community, as well as support the health and safety of retailers and their staff.

We appreciate the distress that the spike in ram raid style burglaries and robberies are causing retailers and communities. Police are responding to these incidents at a district and national level with significant investigative action to identify those responsible and prevent revictimisation.

Update November 2022
On 28 November 2022 the government announced that the Retail Crime Prevention Programme would be extended to small retailers that have been victim of aggravated robbery and/or a ram raid style burglary/robbery.

Find out how to access the programme for victims of ram raid burglary and/or aggravated robbery