Victims of ram raids and aggravated robbery

Police have been actively identifying and contacting small retailers who have been a victim of a ram raid style burglary or an aggravated robbery since 1 November 2021. If you have had a ram raid or aggravated robbery and not been phoned or visited by a member of the Retail Crime Prevention Programme you can use this form to send us your details.

Victim Contact Form



A ram raid is a burglary or robbery in which a vehicle has been used to enter, or attempt to enter, a premises.

An aggravated robbery refers to a robbery that involved serious injury to someone, two or more people working together in a robbery, or a robbery where the offender had a weapon. A vehicle does not need to have been used to enter or attempt to enter the premises to constitute an aggravated robbery.

[A burglary refers to entry or attempted entry into a building without permission with the intent to commit a crime. A robbery refers to theft or attempted theft of property accompanied by force or the threat of violence to a person or property.]