The New Zealand Police Vetting Service provides criminal history checks and other relevant information on potential and current employees, volunteers and vocational trainees to Approved Agencies that provide care to children and vulnerable members of society. We also provide criminal history checks for overseas visas and work permits.


Australian Checks Update:

Recent technical issues that have been experienced for Australian (CrimTrac/ACIC) Vetting Checks through the NZ Vetting portal have now been resolved.

If your Agency was affected by the outage and you no longer require a request that has already been submitted and now processed, please hold any payment for invoices and email with your agency code and any details or questions you have. We apologise for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience as our Debt Recovery Administrator is currently working through crediting those vets. Please ignore if your account has been resolved already.


Current Vetting Processing Times

As at 26/07/2021, the Police Vetting Service is processing 94.5% of vetting requests within 20 working days, and 97.7% of all requests within 25 working days.

This means a small number of vetting requests may be released a few days over the 20 working day service level agreement. 

We apologise if your vetting application takes a little longer than usual.


Vetting Requesters (agencies seeking a vet) can make enquiries at or by calling us on (04) 474 9415.

Vetting Applicants (those people who are the subject of Police vetting request) should contact the Vetting Requester if you have any queries.



Login to Vetting Services

Login with RealMe

* If this is your first time accessing the Vetting service, you will need to login with RealMe, then enter a Police ID and Activation code which was emailed to you by the Police Vetting team.


Things we do

  • We process vetting requests submitted by approved agencies.
  • We process vetting requests that are required as part of a Children’s Worker Safety Check under the Children's Act 2014.
  • We process vetting requests for visas to selected countries
  • We release information to an approved agency that is relevant to the purpose of the vetting request and has a degree of substantiation.
  • We help approved agencies submit Australian Criminal History Check. (Australian criminal checks will incur a fee.)

Things we don't do

  • We don’t process vetting requests from individuals.
  • We don’t issue ‘Police Clearance certificates’. We do not have Police Certificate Clearance in New Zealand.
  • We don’t make recommendations on the suitability of an individual for employment.
    (Our role is to provide relevant information to an agency to allow them to make an informed decision.)
  • We don’t provide legal advice or guidance on interpreting the Children's Act 2014.
  • We don’t accept paper copies of forms. Vetting requests must be done online.


A Police Vet is not a National Security Clearance. The NZ National Security Clearance process is managed in accordance with the New Zealand government security clearance requirements administered by the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS). For more information about a National Security Clearance, visit the Protective Security Requirements website.