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Kia Kaha: Information for parents/whānau

Bullying behaviour harms children and their educational and life outcomes. Bullying is not new and is an issue that all schools face.

About Kia Kaha

Kia Kaha consists of a comprehensive range of anti-bullying resources to help children and young people learn and apply a range of safe practices that they can use to build and maintain successful relationships throughout their lives.

The New Zealand Police recommends that learning activities in Kia Kaha operate within a whole-school approach as described on the Bullying-Free NZ website. In the whole-school approach, parents and whānau contribute to and support the programme.

How parents/whānau can support Kia Kaha

Parents and whānau are strongly encouraged to support Kia Kaha through:

  • encouraging the Board of Trustees to establish and regularly review a bullying policy with explicit prevention and response procedures as described on the Bullying-Free NZ website developed by the cross-agency Bullying Prevention Advisory Group.
  • encouraging other parents/whānau to attend the parent meeting before the classroom lessons start
  • supporting their child with the range of home-based activities that are included in the Kia Kaha programme.

Bullying advice for parents, caregivers and young people

Factsheets on bullying behaviour: