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Kia Kaha (for years 9–10)

Through Kia Kaha students develop strategies for respectful relationships where bullying behaviours are not tolerated.

The New Zealand Police recommends that schools use the learning activities in Kia Kaha within a whole-school approach. Before running learning activities, please read information about implementing a whole-school approach as described in an whole-school approach as described in an implementation booklet (PDF, 1.4MB).

What students will learn

These year 9–10 resources will help students to learn:

  • about the impact of bullying
  • a range of personal skills to prevent bullying
  • what they can do if they have been or are being affected by bullying behaviour.

Four focus areas

Kia Kaha years 9–10 includes four focus areas plus an activity bank of 24 ideas for additional learning activities. 

Focus area 1: Bullying defined

Students can define what bullying is and explain why bullying is unacceptable.

Focus area 2: Bullying unravelled

Students describe how bullying makes people feel, analyse a range of behaviours associated with a bullying incident, and consider positive things they can do in bullying situations.

Focus area 3: Managing bullying

Students list strategies to manage bullying and practise appropriate action in bullying situations.

Focus area 4: Healthy groups and relationships

Students identify the characteristics of healthy groups and relationships and explain what it would be like to be in a healthy relationship.

Activity bank

Twenty-four additional learning activities (PDF, 785KB)