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Doing the Right Thing: Information for the school and community


As a result of completing Doing the Right Thing, students will:

  • be able to distinguish right from wrong
  • understand that boundaries, rules and laws are set and enforced for the good of society
  • know that all actions have consequences
  • understand, identify and practise values such as honesty, respect, responsibility and consideration
  • understand the qualities of a good role model and use these qualities to modify their own behaviour
  • be able to identify and acknowledge the positive behaviour of themselves and others.

As a result of Doing the Right Thing, adult members of the school community will model, praise and reinforce positive behaviours.

Key messages

Doing the Right Thing aims to embed the following key messages into students’ thinking:

  • I can decide what is right and wrong.
  • I feel good when I do the right thing. 
  • It is wise to obey the rules and laws.
  • If I break the rules, I will pay the price.
  • I know that my actions have consequences.
  • I have rights and responsibilities.
  • I can change my behaviour.
  • I will remember to think before I speak and act.
  • I will lead by example.
  • I can help others to make good choices.
  • How would I feel if it that was me?
  • Will my actions harm others or myself?
  • Honesty is the best way.
  • I treat people with respect.
  • When I respect others, I earn respect.

Enlisting parent and caregiver support

Parents and caregivers have a very important role in modelling, praising and reinforcing positive pro-social behaviour for their children. Just as a child will experience important values at school, so they will absorb values that are practised at home.

The school can enlist parents and caregivers support by:

  • involving them is developing the schools vision statement
  • ensuring that newsletters sent home promote the vision statement – for example, suggesting ways of praising positive behaviours
  • regularly communicating what behaviour the school considers acceptable and unacceptable, and the consequences of unacceptable behaviour
  • encouraging them to ask for help if their children are displaying unacceptable behaviour and know that they will be listened
  • inviting them to discuss values and share what the school is doing to build a caring community
  • suggesting stories that reflect positive values, to be read at home.

Doing the Right Thing: Information for teachers

This page covers:

  • links with The New Zealand Curriculum
  • values
  • key competencies
  • how to establish a supportive learning environment
  • a checklist for teachers.