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Doing the Right Thing (for years 4–6)

Doing the Right Thing aims to promote values that will assist students to become responsible New Zealanders who respect others and the law.

What students will learn

These year 4–6 resources will help students to learn:

  • to distinguish the difference between lies and the truth
  • the need for rules and how to developed rules and laws
  • the qualities of a role model.

Five focus areas

Learning activities are arranged in five focus areas.

Focus area 1: Respect

Students name people in the community whom they respect and explain how they show these people respect.

Focus area 2: Right and wrong 

Students distinguish right behaviour from wrong behaviour and explain how it feels when we do the right thing.

Focus area 3: Rules, laws and consequences 

Students come up with positive group rules and explore positive and negative statements about following rules.

Focus area: 4 Honesty

Students use masks to indicate they can distinguish lies from the truth and write slogans that show that cheating has negative consequences.

Focus area 5: Role models

Students write a job description for a role model that shows they understand the qualities and behaviours that make a good role model.