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Doing the Right Thing (for years 0–3)

Doing the Right Thing aims to promote values that will assist students to become responsible New Zealanders who respect others and the law.

What students will learn

These year 0–3 resources will help students to learn:

  • the difference between right and wrong
  • the need for rules, and the consequences of breaking them for ourselves and others
  • the qualities of a role model.

Five focus areas

Learning activities are arranged in five focus areas.

Focus area 1: Respect

Students distinguish right from wrong and explain the benefits of doing the right thing.

Focus area 2: Right and wrong 

Students explain that lying and cheating are wrong and have consequences.

Focus area 3: Rules, laws and consequences 

Students explain why we need rules, what might happen if a class rule is broken, and how we feel when we, or our property, get hurt.

Focus area 4: Honesty 

Students explain the concept of respect in their own words, name one person they respect and say why they respect that person.

Focus area 5: Role models 

Students name and draw a person who they want to be like.