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Keeping Ourselves Safe: Information for principals and Boards of Trustees

How principals and boards support Keeping Ourselves Safe

Policy review and development is part of the implementation process for Keeping Ourselves Safe.

Principals and boards are strongly encouraged to ensure the school's child protection policy includes both prevention and response procedures.

  • Prevention procedures may include implementing classroom lessons and whole-school activities that promote positive behaviours and encourage an environment in which children who feel abused are empowered to speak up about the abuse.
  • Response procedures clearly describe how to identify and respond to suspected abuse and neglect, as required under the Children's Act 2014.

Principals and boards should ensure that all school staff, not just teachers, understand the policy, and know what to do if a student discloses abuse to them during or after Keeping Ourselves Safe.

Principals and boards should make their school community aware of the school’s child protection policy and make copies available for parents, caregivers or whānau to view. It is important they know who to go to if they become aware of abuse.

Implementation guide

This guide contains essential information for preparing your school and staff to implement Keeping Ourselves Safe.

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Monitoring effectiveness

You can monitor the effectiveness of Keeping Ourselves Safe through analysis of school data gathered from the Wellbeing@school surveys.