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Keeping Ourselves Safe: Middle primary

Note: These resources were revised in October 2020. If your school still needs the old resources for any reason, please contact your School Community Officer.

The learning activities in Keeping Ourselves Safe are arranged in focus areas. Research suggests that an effective programme should include learning experiences from each of the focus areas. All focus areas on this page were updated in 2020.

Focus area 1: Confident me

Students learn to verbalise their feelings confidently. They practise a decision-making process that will help them to make safe decisions for themselves and others.

Focus area 2: Safe or unsafe

Students identify potentially unsafe situations in both the real world and the digital envorinment.

Focus area 3: No excuse for abuse

Students understand what abuse is and know that any abuse is wrong, should be reported, and is not their fault. They learn to identify the tricks, bribes, or secrets often used by abusers.

Focus area 4: Why should I tell?

Students learn to stop inappropriate touch or behaviour, say “no” confidently, move away, and report what has happened.