Register for New Zealand Police Vetting

Police vetting is only available to approved agencies, not for individual or personal use.

An Approved Agency must provide a service that fits the purpose of the Vetting Service.

Please follow the steps below to submit an application to become an Approved Agency.

If you are unsure if your organisation is already registered for Police Vetting please check the list of Approved Agencies. If your organisation is on this list please contact


Note – if you already have a RealMe account skip to step 2.

New vetting agency?

Police Vetting Service purpose

The purpose of the New Zealand Police Vetting Service is to contribute to public safety (particularly the protection of vulnerable members of society) and national security in New Zealand (and, to a limited extent, abroad) by providing information held by New Zealand Police to assist government and other agencies to assess the suitability of persons in positions of trust, in specified fields of endeavour, or who are required to meet mandated requirements.

Police Vetting Service approval criteria

New Zealand Police has the discretion to approve, or otherwise reject, access to the Police Vetting Service for any agency that does not meet the required standards and criteria as outlined below. Accessing the Vetting Service is only to be done so when expressed consent is given in the form of a signed consent form by the individual.

New Zealand agencies

In order to be considered for approval to access the Police Vetting Service (on the basis of an individual’s consent), New Zealand agencies should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Is a government agency.
  • The agency has functions which involve community safety and security – for example, the care, protection, education or training of vulnerable members of society such as children, young persons, elderly and the disabled.
  • The agency is a government department, ministry, state-owned enterprise or state-funded agency involved in national security.
  • The agency has a legislative or other obligation to obtain a Police vet - for example, ‘fit and proper person’ checking for registration or licensing of teachers, taxi drivers, security guards, or educational facility checks for trainees in nursing, social work, etc.
  • The agency is a law enforcement agency responsible for security at certain special events – for example, volunteers or employees at major international sporting events, or accredited staff during a VIP tour.
  • The agency seeks a Police vet for NZ immigration or foreign consular/visa purposes.

Offshore agencies

Offshore agencies who wish to access the Police Vetting Service must:

  • have similar legislation to New Zealand which protects individual's rights to privacy, and
  • meet the equivalent of one or more of the criteria described above in respect of New Zealand agencies.

For more information, please see Information for Offshore Agencies.

Becoming an Approved Agency

Agencies wishing to access Police vetting should follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Register with RealMe

If you do not have a RealMe account you will be required to create one here (link). Police use the New Zealand Government RealMe to authenticate agencies wishing to access the vetting system.

You must create your own individual RealMe account. A RealMe account must not be shared with other people, even those within your organisation.

If you need more information, or experience problems accessing the RealMe system please visit the RealMe website at RealMe website FAQs.

Step 2: Register your agency

Once you have a personal RealMe account you can Register your agency. During this registration you must electronically sign the Approved Agency Agreement or Offshore Approved Agency Arrangement (for agencies based overseas) - required for all Approved Agencies.

You will receive a response from a vetting officer as soon as possible regarding the outcome of your request. If approved, each registered user will receive a Police ID and Activation Key.

Note: During this step you may request access for additional users.

Step 3: Access the Vetting website

Once your agency is authorised and notification has been received, login to submit vetting requests via the vetting website home page. Entering your RealMe details will direct you to the vetting portal.

Upon first login, you will be required to enter your unique Police ID and Activation Key – this step is only required the first time you login.