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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

The New Zealand Police aims to assist children and young people to:

  • respect their body and mind
  • understand the negative impact that behaviour-altering substances have on individuals, whānau and the community
  • be able to resist and encourage others to resist the abuse of behaviour-altering substances.

Before implementing education on alcohol and other drugs, please read the guidelines for drug education.



The Choice resources enable students to develop strategies for making safe choices related to drug use:


School-wide interventions

To address issues regarding alcohol and other drugs more deeply, schools could implement a school-wide intervention in partnership with Police. 


Intervention plans

Sample mock-up intervention plan and associated documents dealing with alcohol and other drugs (AoD), to use as a guide to develop your own school-wide interventions. Whilst the school in this sample doesn't actually exist, the intervention plan and appendices are based on an intervention that a real-life school is currently implementing. 

Sample mock-up intervention plan dealing specifically with alcohol.

Intervention narratives

Real-life narratives (or case-studies) of completed interventions to do with alcohol and other drugs: 



These guidelines assist schools to develop alcohol and other drug education approaches, and to create prevention and response policies.