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Burglary Free (for years 1–3)

Burglary Free aims to create burglary-free zones around schools and their communities.

What students will learn

These year 1–3 resources will help students to learn:

  • to look after their possessions
  • to respect other peoples possessions
  • who can help them and how to use the 111 system.

Three focus areas

Learning activities are arranged in three focus areas

Focus area 1: Mine! 

Students learn not to touch, use, or take other people’s possessions and why. Students learn to label and describe their possessions.

Focus area 2: Looking after my stuff 

Students learn to put their things, and the classroom things, away. They explore why people borrow things and why it is important to give things back. 

Focus area 3: Getting help

Students talk about times when they felt scared and needed help. They identify who can help them at home, at school and in the community. They meet a police officer and learn how to use the 111 system.