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Burglary Free (for years 7–8)

Burglary Free aims to create burglary-free zones around schools and their communities.

What students will learn

These year 7–8 resources will help students to learn:

  • about burglary trends
  • how to take action to inform other people about burglary
  • how to protect other people's property when they are away or on holiday.

Three focus areas

Learning activities are arranged in three focus areas.

Focus area 1: Burglary in our community

Students define the term ‘burglary’, identify burglary trends for their local area and produce material on burglary to share with families and the community.

Focus area 2: Partnerships

Students learn that in order to prevent burglaries all sections of the community need to work together. They take part in a role play to explore community partners working to prevent burglary.

Focus area 3: Kids’ Watch

Students learn how to keep property safe when the owners are away. They produce Kids’ Watch flyers to distribute to families.