State of emergency important notice

State of National Emergency

Police service update

At 11.59pm on Wednesday 25 March 2020, New Zealand moved to COVID-19 Alert Level 4.

This means New Zealanders not working in essential services must stay at home and stop all interactions with others outside of their household.

During this time Police will continue to provide essential policing services.

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Road Safe (for years 4-6)

The Road Safe series of resources provides learning activities to empower students to participate safely as responsible road users who are aware of their own place in the traffic environment, as well as that of others.

What students will learn

These year 4-6 resoruces will help students to learn:

  • about traffic laws
  • how to observe road hazards
  • a range of safe practices that they can use when using the road e.g. as a pedestrian and passenger
  • basic cycling skills in a controlled environment.

Four focus areas

Learning activities are arranged in four focus areas.

Focus area 1: Passenger and pedestrian

The teacher assesses students’ road safety skills and knowledge and uses a practical walking activity to solidify their knowledge about simple safe pedestrian and passenger skills.

Focus area 2: Safe cycling

Students learn the basics of cycle maintenance and how to select and fit a cycle helmet. Parents and caregivers are supported to ensure their children have safe cycle helmets and bikes.

Focus area 3: Cycling with confidence

Students practise Grade 1 cycling skills in a controlled and supportive environment. These bike control skills include getting on and off a bike and manoeuvring safely to avoid objects.

Focus area 4: Preparing for future on-road cycling

Students learn about traffic laws and relevant signs that affect them as pedestrians and as future cyclists on the road. They consider hazards as future road cyclists and how to handle these hazards.