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Road Safe (for years 7-8)

The Road Safe series of resources provides learning activities to empower students to participate safely as responsible road users who are aware of their own place in the traffic environment, as well as that of others.

What students will learn

These year 7-8 resources will help students to learn:

  • about traffic laws
  • how to observe road hazards
  • a range of safe practices that they can use when using the road (e.g., for cycling, running).

Five focus areas

Learning activities are arranged in five focus areas.

Focus area 1: Safety checks

Students and parents are provided with information in preparation for a cycle safety programme.

Focus area 2: Out and about in traffic

Students identify safe and unsafe practices when arriving at and leaving school. They assess risk-taking behaviour, consider hazards they may encounter on the road and look at ways of handling these.

Focus area 3: Out and about responsibly

Students consider the rights, responsibilities and laws of road users. Students identify how they learn traffic behaviour. They take action to solve a transport problem in their local community.

Focus area 4: Cycling out and about

Students learn traffic law as new cyclists. They practise negotiating intersections and giving hand signals. Students practise cycling skills on cycling courses in the school grounds and then on the road.

Focus area 5: Out and about socially

Students consider the part that roads can play in social activities like road running or travelling around the country and how to do these safely.