COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

New Zealand Police continue to support the All of Government response to help keep the community safe in the fight against COVID-19.


Police established checkpoints as part of the country’s change in Alert Levels. The current checkpoints are largely based on the Auckland/Port Waikato regional boundaries.

Please note: this information is subject to change and may be updated to align with the Health Order.

COVID-19 test at checkpoints

From 11.59pm on Thursday 16 September, permitted workers who are crossing the Alert Level boundary in or out of Auckland must carry evidence that they have had a COVID-19 test, or a medical certificate verifying they do not have COVID-19 symptoms and for some reason are unable to have a COVID-19 test.

Permitted workers must also continue to carry evidence for their reason for crossing the Alert level boundary, and photo identification.

If you do not provide evidence of having had a test in the past 7 days, you will be turned around at the checkpoint.

Evidence of the test can include a text message, which will be automatically generated when the test is taken, or paper confirmation issued by the testing centres.

Drivers of freight vehicles will also be checked at random and asked to provide evidence of having had a COVID-19 test in the past seven days.

Further information can be found at Business travel across an Alert Level boundary.



For the latest information, including the Alert Level boundary map, and information about permitted travel at Alert Level 3 and 4, please visit


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