Diplomatic Protection Service

The Diplomatic Protection Service is based in Wellington and Auckland and is responsible for the protection of Parliament, Government House in both Wellington and Auckland, and at Premier House for the Prime Minister. A Protection Officer is assigned to Parliament Buildings and the DPS patrols high commissions, embassies and consular premises.

The Governor-General and Prime Minister are provided continual protection. Members of Parliament, the Judiciary and leaders of opposition parties are provided protection on an as-needed basis. A range of protection services are also provided for domestic and overseas VIP operations.

Types of protection

For both domestic and overseas operations, protection can include:

  • Advance venue and route familiarisation and planning
  • Venue and accommodation searches
  • Venue and accommodation security
  • Walking escorts
  • Motorcades
  • Safe haven and other contingency planning
  • Liaison with foreign Police and protection agencies
  • Coordination with other Police district protection officers and general duties staff
  • Protection advice to partner agencies, Police district protection officers and general duties staff
  • Liaison with external agencies.