Road policing

Police plays an important part in helping to make New Zealand roads safer through rigorous enforcement of the traffic laws including alcohol and speed regulations; promoting good driving practices; and road safety education.

We also work with other road safety organisations to implement the Government's Safer Journeys Strategy and safe systems approach, which considers road safety as a partnership and aims to improve the safety of all parts of the system: safe roads and roadsides, safe speed, safe vehicles and safe road user.

How a “safe system” saves lives

The Road Policing Group includes a number of specialist groups and units with specific functions including:

Road Policing Support

Based in Police National Headquarters, this group provides liaison with other road safety organisations, support for district road policing, strategic advice and research, and oversight of the Road Policing Group.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Team - CVST

This nationally managed team (formerly the Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit) is responsible for monitoring all areas of the commercial vehicle industry, including trucks, buses, taxis, couriers, mobile cranes, and mobile homes. For more information, check out the Commercial Vehicle Safety Team - CVST web page.

Highway Patrol

Based almost exclusively on state highways, Highway Patrols provide a highly visible police presence. As well as building public confidence that Police are taking an active interest in road safety, higher visibility on the roads also acts as a deterrent to those who wish to flout road laws.

Police Infringement Bureau

The Police Infringement Bureau processes infringement notices and provide an adjudication service. For ticket/infringement queries, contact the Police Infringement Bureau.

Calibration Services

Police Calibration Services (PCS) is a specialist group responsible for maintaining the calibration and certification of speed enforcement and weighing equipment used by Police.

District Road Policing

All Police districts are staffed with a road policing manager and a number of specialist road policing groups including Strategic Traffic Units, Traffic Alcohol Groups and Serious Crash Units which investigate every serious or fatal road crash thoroughly and impartially to ensure all causative factors are identified.