Police Negotiation Teams

PNT training

We have 17 Police Negotiation Teams (PNT) located throughout the country, from Whangārei to Invercargill.

Our vision is to provide a world-class negotiation capability that supports our people and community through influential communication.

Each PNT is a specialist team which provides skilled, trained and experienced negotiators to help resolve incidents without loss of life, injury, or damage to property.

Members are experienced officers from all areas of policing who undergo a rigorous selection and qualification process before they join their team. They operate on a call-out basis, on top of their regular duties.

PNTs are independent teams but work closely with other operational Police teams in a range of situations.

This may include dealing with people in crisis or threatening suicide, armed offenders, barricaded offenders, hostage situations and protests – to name a few.

Major, protracted, multi-district or complex incidents may call for the services of Advanced PNT (APNT) specialists, who are based around the country and are selected for the role because of their skills and experience, among other attributes.