Personal and community advice

Get some advice on the safety of yourself, your family and property and visitors to New Zealand. Discover the range of education programmes offered by the Police School Community Services.

School Portal

Police partner with schools to proactively prevent crime, victimisation and crashes, and increase the safety of schools and their communities.… More

Keeping safe

Information about personal, home and boat safety for children, older people, teenagers and visitors whether you're out and about, travelling in New Zealand or in the rural areas.… More

Rural hub

Safety advice for those living in rural areas, including links to resources to help reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.… More

Lost property advice

If you have lost some property you can now report this online.   Important: Use Google Chrome or the latest version of Safari to complete this report. When using a tablet or smartphone… More

Protect your property and vehicles

Check how you can help protect your property and possessions from burglars, has security checklists and videos for your home and vehicles. You can store an asset list online using SNAP. … More

Trespass notices

This page explains how you can serve a trespass notice on someone you want to keep off a property you lawfully occupy.… More

New Zealand Communities Football Cup (NZCFC)

Established in 2008. The tournament uses young people’s passion for football to connect diverse communities, celebrate success and encourage positive social change.  … More

Housie and raffles

Find out about the laws covering raffles, lotteries and games of chance and whether you need a licence.… More

Advice for new arrivals

If you are new to New Zealand find out about Police and your rights with them. Get advice on crime prevention. Contact ethnic liaison officers working in your community.… More


Find out about New Zealand’s counterterrorism obligations under the United Nations Security Council resolutions that assist member states in suppressing terrorism. … More