Transforming Police Service Delivery

Cover of 'Transforming Police Service Delivery by 2021' document

Modernising our Service Delivery aims to ensure everyone in New Zealand can access policing services – anywhere, anytime – that will lead to the trust and confidence of all. To do this we need to deliver the right service to the public in the right way, enabled by modern technologies and underpinned by our policing values.

The public wants us to provide the same digital services they enjoy in everyday life, that they understand and know. And we want to resolve queries and requests at the first point of contact in as few steps as possible.

We also want to create more time for our staff so they can concentrate on proven policing activities that address the root causes of harm. We anticipate marked public safety gains from investing in technology and modernisation but important aspects of New Zealand Police will never change. Fundamentally policing has always been, and will always be, about people.