Prevention First

Taking every opportunity to prevent harm

Prevention First front cover

Prevention First remains the national operating model for NZ Police. It aims to prevent crime before it happens, ultimately making New Zealand a safer and better place to live, work and visit.

Prevention First is designed to support and enhance the delivery of Police key goals:

  • Prevent crime and victimisation
  • Target and catch offenders
  • Deliver a more responsive Police service

It puts all people– victims, offenders and staff at the centre of everything Police do through:

  • Deploying to beat demand
  • Targeting the drivers of police demand (Alcohol, Youth/Rangatahi, Families/Whānau, Roads, Organised crime and drugs, Mental health)
  • Having the right mind-set: taking every opportunity to prevent harm.

These three components are supported through meaningful partnerships with others in the community. Prevention First emphasises the need for Police to engage effectively with their partners.

By taking every opportunity to prevent harm, Police will deliver on its intent of making New Zealand the safest country in the world.


Prevention First: National Operating Model 2017 (PDF 1.6MB)